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Boy Advice: The 4 stages of a crush
If you're feeling the crush-love, you totes need to read this.
11 Things You Feel When Your Celeb Crush Gets A Bae
And by celeb crush we mean Zayn, and by bae we mean Gigi.
Locker knockout
How Embarrassing: I accidentally slammed into my crush...
My one and only
How Embarrassing: My crush overheard me gushing...
Facebook Fail
How Embarrassing: I accidentally messaged my crush!
Boy Advice - Crush Clash
The awkward moment when your and your bestie like the same dude…
Style crush: Boy style
Why should boys have dibs on all the coolest, comfiest fashion? It's time to take back the checked shirts and tie-dyed caps.
Style crush: Retro romantic
Have a fine romance this Valentine's Day with retro prints, soft colours, and love from another era!
Fashion Trend: Blue Crush
From denim to accessories, blue suits absolutely everybody.