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Let’s face it, having someone hit ‘remove’ to your profile just plain sucks... Here are the four tips on dealing with losing a Facebook friend like a boss. 

Step 1: Be emotional. 

According to a friendship coach, Dr. Jan Yager, the first thing you need to do is let it all out. Allow yourself to feel the sadness and rejection. Unless of course, the deleter is someone you were never close to anyway, coz then maybe you can breathe a sigh of relief!


Step 2: Be the bigger person. 

After you've gotten over the initial shock, try not to use Facebook as the way you express your sadness or anger at the situation. Dr. Yager says that can just make the situation a whole lot worse, especially if there was ever any hope of rekindling. 


Step 3: Be ready to hear the truth. 

Once you've cooled off and not done anything rash, it might be an idea to pick-up the phone (we know, so retro) and call the unfriender. Dr. Yager says that you can often be surprised to find how many friendships can fall apart thanks to a misunderstanding. 


Step 4: Be willing to re-friend. 

Yep, they deleted you from FB and it seems pretty permanent, but being mates again is only a click away. Dr. Yager says that if a person isn't important to you, you might say 'no biggie' and just move on, focusing on your friends but if they are, learning to forgive and forget is always worth it. 


- James Banham