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Sometimes we have totally awesome streaks where everything is going right and we're feeling good about it. It's easy to feel bad for your friends or family who don't boss-out as much as you, but this doesn't mean you should feel guilty for nailing that exam, scoring your Ls or landing a new job!


It's important to celebrate your achievements, because let's face it, it's a big deal! But owning your achievements without boasting about it is a better way to go. That way people can't be anything but stoked for you! Friendship expert Nikki Goldstein admits that rivalry is sometimes common amongst friends, but if they're too jelly, try to put it into perspective. They'll be happy for you in the end! 


Tall Poppies!

You friends should be there for you in the good times and the bad, so if they struggle with the good news for you, it might be a case of Tall Poppy Syndrome. TPS is when people dis you for being successful and seeming better than your peers - which isn't necessarily the case! If you're getting a hard time from them because of this, it might be worth a chat or maybe think about making new friends? 


You To The Rescue!

We hear that awesomeness is contagious, so spread it! If your friends aren't bossing life as hard as you, try helping them out. They'll love you for your help and you'll feel good about yourself and happy for them. Everybody wins! Nikki mentions, though that there's nothing worse than the friend who becomes the uninvited coach, so be careful to not try to parent them too much or they might get stroppy!


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