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Your besties are there to give you a hug when you have a fight with your Mum, stand up for you when times are tough and tell you how amazing you look when you're having a bad day. So when your friendship fizzles you may feel majorly down- but don't worry, we're here to tell you it's perfectly normal and not to panic! 

Is It On Its Way Out?

Arguments over boys are one of the most common causes of friendship breakups, along with dramas. GirlForce author Nikki Goldstein admits that competition and jealousy are up there with boy dramas along with poor communication skills and a lack of patience, compassion and understanding. This is all so common but the breakdown of a friendship still causes the same sensations of loss, grief, guilt, sadness, regret and remorse as a boy or girl relationship. "It's very valid to feel sad," said Nikki, so make sure you take some time out to deal with the sadness and accept that things don't always last.

When It's Worth Fighting For 

Feeling sad about a friendship ending means the relationship was important to you. In this situation it's key to work at it and try your best to salvage your friendship. "The first step is to talk to your friends and find out what's going on," Nikki says. If no one can help you sort it out, maybe find a mediator like a school counsellor or a parent. Should this fail and you guys just don't click that way you used to, it might be time to let it go and rest easy knowing that you tried your best. 

Dear BFF, It's Over

Knowing when it's time to abandon a friendship is hard but if the warning signs are there it's OK to let this one go. "If your friend makes you feel bad about yourself and you feel judged, isolated, unsafe, bullied or victimised, you have the right to end it," said Nikki. 
Ask yourself whether that person makes you feel good or bad about who you are. If you find that around them, you feel bad instead of good, it's time to ditch!

James Banham