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If you ever wanted to marry a Harry Potter star you'd better get a wriggle on because most of them are off the market now! Joining Matthew Lewis, AKA Neville Longbottom, in the engaged department is none other than Harry himself... yep, Daniel Radcliffe is set to wed!!!!

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The good news is Rupert Grint is still single (we think) so you can give him a buzz, but according to Star magazine Daniel has asked his long-time love, Erin Darke, to marry him!

Despite the news of their engagement being denied by his reps, multiple sources close to the pair have confirmed they have recently been shopping for rings.

“Daniel recently took Erin ring shopping and spared no expense,” a source said, "They’ve been talking about marriage for a while now and thought this was something worth splurging on.”

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WOW! We're reluctant to believe it until we see a ring on Erin's finger but... argh can we celebrate anyway?! 


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