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After a nasty on-set accident almost a year ago, Dylan O'Brien is officially back filming Maze Runner! Well, we assume he is, otherwise this cute reunion pic with the cast is him just catching up for lunch but we know he wouldn't mess with us like that. Right?!

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Either way, the Teen Wolf star has been seen with his Maze Runner pals for the first tine since filming for the third movie in the franchise, Maze Runner: The Death Cure, stopped following an horrific accident that saw Dylan dragged and reportedly crushed on-set. 

James Dashner, the man behind the Maze Runner series, posted a pic of the cast reunion on Instagram saying: "Please, Tommy, please.... pass the salt. Good to see these guys back together!!! #DeathCure"

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His recovery has obviously gone well and after a well deserved break he's ready to get back into it for the film's pushed-back release date in 2018. Welcome back Dylan!!!


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