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If you've fallen in love with YouTubers Jake Paul (who you might also know as Dirk on Disney Channel's Bizaardvark) and Alissa Violet like us, you might wanna sit down coz it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

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The adorable pair have been making videos together for ages and although they never actually confirmed they were dating, everyone jumped onboard the Jalissa ship pretty quickly. Now, it looks like Jalissa was actually legit after they started dragging each other on their socials and cheating accusations were dropped!

But before we get to that, you should know that last August Jake and Alissa moved into a house with five other social media stars — Neels Visser, Alex Lange, AJ Mitchell and twins Lucas and Marcus Dobre — a group which they dubbed "Team 10."


It looks like Alissa isn't quit ready to stop bashing her ex. Yup, she's still dragging him ALL over her socials.

She just retweeted this dark af post from the end of last year, which kinda explains itself...

She also shared a pic on Insta of her kissing a snake, which she captioned, "Here's a pic of me and @jakepaul kissing! Night guys:) I love you so much❤️🐍🐍🐍 " and tagged the snake with Jake's Insta handle.

Here's a pic of me and @jakepaul kissing! Night guys:) I love you so much❤️🐍🐍🐍

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Oh, and most recently she posted a bunch of boss selfies (using Insta's new galleries feature, of course), writing: "If they don't have a story these days they'll make one." We're assuming she's referring to Jake making up stories about her, like the whole cheating thing.

If they don't have a story these days they'll make one // #swiperight

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Jake seems to have gone quiet on his socials but we're sure it's not the last we've heard about this saga.


Anyway, it all started earlier this week when Alissa tweeted a bunch of shady tweets, including calling Jake a "snake" and saying "it f**king sucks being so emotionally damaged by a person who you thought would always be there for you." She then told fans that she "explained everything on Snapchat."

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In a series of dramatic Snaps, she revealed that Jake was kicking her out of the team 10 house. He also dumped all her stuff in the foyer and changed the lock on the door to her space, forcing her to move out on the spot. She said he'd been "treating her like s**t for a while" so she was glad to leave.

Not long after, Jake chimed in with his own version of events in a couple of now-deleted tweets, accusing Alissa of cheating on him with a close friend.

"Predicted this is what she'd do. Jalissa WAS real. The problem is she cheated on me. I am the victim, not her," he tweeted. "And she cheated on me with someone that was very close to me... which is why it hurts so bad."

Jake also posted a pre-recorded video (filmed on Monday but since deleted) in which he "predicted" that Alissa would try to "ruin" his life. He said he'd only post it if she started spreading "vicious" lies about him and explained that the house is technically his and since he "can't stand to see her face anymore" after she hurt his feelings, he's making her move out.

But Alissa fired back with a different story. She reckons Jalissa was NEVER real because Jake couldn't commit. She further explained that she often cried herself to sleep becasue he'd hook up with other girls right in front of her.

Jake seemed to have cooled down by that point, deleting all the "cheating" tweets and tweeting that "she's super talented."

But Alissa was NOT here for Jake's attempted apology and called him out for "manipulation."

Even though we still don't know what went down, it sounds like it's what's best for Alissa.

And she doesn't seem to be letting the split get her down. She recently posted a cute snap of her former Team 10 squad on Insta with the caption: "It was a fun ride... on to bigger and better things now!"

It was a fun ride... on to bigger and better things now!

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Geez, this is intense stuff! We're so emotionally drained rn. Hopefully this whole thing settles down soon.

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