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So you've convinced your crush that taking you out is the ultimate dream and now you want to nail that first date right? These four simple steps will have bae begging for a second!

Makeup mantra: Less is more

You totally don't have to go OTT on the makeup front to impress. Let your natural beauty shine through and try a low-key look like tinted moisturiser, some mascara and a tinted lip balm.

Flats are your friend


Save your new heels for a girl’s night and chose comfort. It saves worrying about maybe tripping or stumbling and means you're ready for any sitch – like a surprise trip to mini golf, for example.

No filter


Now is not the time to be raising your Snapchat score. Focus on the really cute guy in front of you, waaayy more interesting! Worried about running out of stuff to talk about? A good way to keep the convo flowing is to talk about things you have in common, like school, homework or your love of tacos!

Confidence for days

You’re a babe. True story. All you gotta do is be yourself. There's a reason your crush is going on a date with you – coz they think you're rad just as you are!

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