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Who doesn't like kissing?! It brings you closer to the person you're into rn, turns a friend into a bae, gets you in the mood for other things AAANNND is something fun to do. Here's why it's good for you...



Did you know kissing has the power to burn off that cheeky chocolate bar you scoffed to help you study? OK, you’d have to lock lips for a LONG time to burn a substantial amount of energy, but according to Bryant Stamford, a professor of exercise science from Hanover College in the US, a passionate kiss may double your metabolic rate (the speed at which we burn energy). So it totally counts as part of your fitness regimen, right?! Plus, the 30 odd facial muscles that get a good ol’ workout when you’re tongue tied could help you stay wrinkle free!


You know what they say, a kiss a day keeps the dentist away... well, not really but maybe this should be your comeback if your dad goes psycho about your BF’s constant PDAs. The Victorian Health Department says kissing increases saliva flow, keeping your mouth, teeth and gums healthy and lowering plaque levels. A pash also exposes you to germs lurking in his mouth, strengthening your own immune system. Bonus!


When you lock lips with someone, nerve endings signal our brains to produce oxytocin, the hormone that promotes calmness and wellbeing. During a good kiss, your breathing slows, your mind focuses on the task at hand and 'feelgood hormones' rush through your body – just like if you were meditating or taking a relaxing bath. Hmmm, forget yoga... kissing is an exam stress buster we’re excited about!


Who doesn’t feel envious after witnessing your mate blissfully smooching her boyfriend or girlfriend?! That’s coz sharing a kiss can make you feel secure and better about yourself, boosting your self-confidence. One study has even found that adult couples who kissed each other goodbye before heading off to work were more likely to live longer than those who kissed less. Psychologist and CEO of Relationships Australia, Anne Hollonds, says the kiss is symbolic of the quality of the relationship. “It may be healthy and happy which means more displays of affection – and this can lead to a positive attitude!”


Cancel your BFF chat session to discuss whether your crush really is bae material, research suggests a pash could be all you need to decide if he’s worth pursuing. Author of The Science of Kissing, Sheril Kirshenbaum says kissing is the ultimate way to express how you feel. “Kissing puts us in close proximity to sample another person’s natural odour,” Sheril explains. Sounds gross but read on! “Our sense of smell and taste help us decide whether to pursue a deeper connection with our kisser and whether the bond will last.”


Pashing isn’t all fun and games – there’s the small chance of spreading disease-causing bacteria and viruses while lip to lip. Yep, ew. Glandular fever, herpes, hepatitis B and warts are the more icky things that can be passed on, but the everyday cold is the most catchy. So make sure your puckering-up partner is sickness free!